In March 2010, a group of concerned Lunenburg County citizens began to meet regularly with the understanding that all residents have a responsibility to ensure future generations have the same opportunity to enjoy the attributes that make Lunenburg County a great place to live.

Those who gathered shared a love of the area and a deep commitment to improving life in the County. However, they recognized that traditions of the past, which helped bring success and resilience, might now serve to limit and impede sustainability in the context of rapid, ongoing social change. Fierce independence of residents, the declining resource-based economy, an aging population and outmigration of youth all present challenges to the region’s sustainability.

They agreed new and innovative thinking would be the only way to tackle these and other challenges. They also agreed that cooperation between various governing bodies, and public-private partnerships would be necessary to address fundamental issues and create a long term plan to ensure Lunenburg County always remains a great place to live, work and raise a family.

From these early meetings, debates and discussions, the Lunenburg County Community Fund was established as a charitable, non-partisan,  community-led organization.